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May 10, 2024

Thrive with Proactive Aging

Category: Health & Wellness

Author: Blair Nikes, Director of Wellness

Across the world, people are living longer than ever before. However, according to the World Health Organization, “evidence suggests the proportion of life in good health has remained broadly constant, implying that the additional years are in poor health.” Taking a proactive approach to aging can help us live full, energetic, and healthy lives no matter how many years we have lived.

An elderly man proudly displaying his victory in the game of the Uzzle, surrounded by dice at a table.

As the Director of Wellness at The Burlington Creek Senior Living, I advocate for proactive aging, which begins with scheduling routine wellness visits with your primary care provider. Regular lab monitoring aids in identifying potential concerns before they escalate. Additionally, adhering to recommended diagnostic tests based on age is crucial for preventing the progression of health issues.

Managing stress and anxiety entails various approaches, including medication, self-care practices, adequate sleep, and relaxation techniques. Maintaining a healthy diet, nurturing relationships, establishing support systems, and pursuing enjoyable hobbies also contribute to stress management.

The detrimental effects of stress and anxiety on health, particularly as one ages, cannot be overstated. These factors can manifest in changes such as altered appetite, disrupted sleep patterns, and compromised hygiene, putting individuals at risk for skin issues, decreased strength, and falls.

Numerous barriers hinder individuals from prioritizing preventive care, including financial constraints and a lack of understanding of its importance. Fear of potential diagnoses may also deter individuals from undergoing preventive testing. The benefits of preventive care include establishing a baseline for future health monitoring and early detection, which can lead to timely treatment and improved outcomes.

Empowering Lifelong Health Through Education and Prevention

Education plays a pivotal role in promoting preventive care. Providing examples and highlighting the positive outcomes of preventive measures can help individuals grasp the significance of proactive healthcare practices.

It is never too late to invest in your health. Taking control of our well-being can be the difference between surviving and thriving, the difference between extra years of truly living and extra years in decline. Make your years count. Approach aging proactively and use those extra years to get another degree, take up a new hobby, break a record, or explore opportunities you never thought you would get to experience.

An elderly woman happily painting a flower, part of a fun activity with other senior residents.

World Health Organization: Aging and Health, click here to read the full article.

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